Inspiring creativity in living happily with focus on family, me, myself, and I.- Beronica Bonilla

This is my first blog site. I have always enjoyed writing and figured why not make a blog.  I am a school child therapist with social work background working with elementary aged children.  I have always been a magnet for kids, ever since I was a child. I have a daughter and another on the way. During my free time I enjoy arts and crafts, writing, listening to music, dancing,  doing relaxing activities, praying, and enjoying family time.

In this blog, I plan to add useful resources relating to each family and life encouraging ways to manage stressors and increase happiness.  I will share ideas and thoughts in part to help myself but also to give you ideas and insight on being in control of our emotions which will impact us to live our days more emotionally stable. It is a part of life for times to be stressful.  Most of the time we get stuck in it without realizing it. We can’t have a stress free life. My hopes for you and I is to implement creative ideas of things you can do and make that can help you find peace, happiness, relaxation, as these are a few things we need to be able to manage ourselves and our big responsibilities.